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You can now add your decks and garages from Mark Voster's Construction Inc to your outdoor enjoyment. We will custom design decks and garages in order to suit your size and style. A professionally installed deck will increase the quality of outdoor living for your family and improve your property. Get custom garages built by us and free yourself from the tension of clearing snow off your car.

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Add some style and function to your home and business with our decks and garages. You can count on our professionals for your new garage or deck. Our professionals are known for exceptional workmanship. We will custom design a deck for you that will add beauty and function for any outdoor activity or a fun outdoor party.

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We have been providing services since 1994. Known for quality workmanship, we can design and build any garage or deck you want. Whether you want a new deck or garage or you just want to upgrade it, get in touch with us today. We will build and design everything you want for your home or business. Our services have a personalized touch that comes from our experienced design and build team.

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